Our shapening service requires no prepayment. To make this process streamline please fill out the form below and ship the tools to us. We will inspect the tools when they arive. We will then sharpen the tools and send an invoice via email. Once this invoice is paid we will ship the sharpened to

Sharpening Form

Price List for Solid Carbide and HSS Router Bits

Please not that if the tools do not come in with tubes or the tubes are worn out Boston Saw and Tool, Inc. will replace the tubes at $1.00 Each. The tubes will also be labeled with the final diameter of the tool.

Price list for Router Bits

Price List for Carbide Tipped Saw Blades

Carbided Tipped Saws Price list

Other Sharpening Services

We also Sharpen planner knives for $1.00 a inch along with drill bits and matching set drill bits. We also sharpen molder knives and custom Carbide tipped heads. Please contact us if there is a question about sharpening services and we will be glad to help

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Items we do not sharpen

Chainsaws, Knives, Sissors, hedge Trimmers, Lawnmower blades or bandsaw blades

Sharpening Machines

Nordutensili NU5A

The NU5A has the ability to sharpen Solid carbide and HSS tools with very high accuary. It utizes lasers to measure the tool and detrmine the paths to best sharpen the tool.

Vollmer Akemat U60

The U60 is a all in one Carbide tipped saw blade sharpener. It can do a varity of top grinds as well as facing. This machine probes the blade to make for an accurate grind

Vollmer Akemat U10

The U10 is set up specifically to grind tops on carbide tipped saw blades.


The UT.MA is a 4 axis grinder that can grind just about any tool you can throw at it. This machine holds very tight tolarances and can bring the sharpness back even for the dullest tools