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Thank you for visting our website. Here at Boston Saw and Tool we are your one stop shop for all your tooling needs specializing in CNC router bits.


Over the past 30 years our family has been involed heavily with our current customers developing the highest qualtiy CNC solid carbide router bits on the market. We make our solid carbide router bits from the highest quality blanks and hold our tolerances to the highest standard to minimize breaking. We have also created the only 3/8" router bit that can cut 2 sheets of plywood reliably at 600 Inches per minute without breaking. We also offer a varitey of bits in coatings that help the longevity of the tooling. We have also created lines of custom carbide tipped tooling that has a 3/8" small diameter to allow ease of programing.

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Boston Saw and Tool was started sharpening bandsaw blades in the 1970's. Since then our sharpening services have expaned along with the equipment utilized to sharpen tooling. We specilize in sharpening solid carbide router bits on our Nordutensili NU5A grinder. We also sharpen carbide tipped router bits and carbide tipped saw blades. To check out all our sharpening services click the button below.

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