A Tribute to Grandma- Geff Boston Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hi, my name is Geff Boston, General Manager of Boston Saw & Tool.  This is our first blog on our new website and is dedicated to my Grandmother and our family matriarch, Edith Boston.   She was my neighbor, friend and spiritual guide (as well as many other things) in my life.  I had the distinct pleasure to live beside her for 20 years before she passed away on June 21, 2011. 

I learned many valuable life lessons from her during that time.  One thing my Grandmother believed strongly was that you should always be fair to people.  I have pursued this same philosophy in both my personal life and in the way that our family runs Boston Saw & Tool.

Another one of her great pieces of advice was to walk humbly in life and always consider the value and feelings of other people.

The traits that my Grandmother felt so strongly about were passed down to the other members of our family as well, laying the foundation for how we operate Boston Saw & Tool.  We believe in treating every customer fairly, whether a very large or very small account.  We understand that our success is due to hard work and great customers, and we pledge to never lose sight of that fact.  By considering our customers as more an extension of the Boston Saw & Tool family instead of just a revenue source, we are able to provide exceptional service and exceed expectations time and time again.  This has led to a very satisfied and loyal customer base.

I miss seeing Grandma and learning new things from her on a regular basis, but she still walks with me daily.  I was lucky to have this time with her, and will try to exemplify these traits that made her special for the rest of my life.  She told me that she was proud of the way that we ran our family business and it is my intention to honor her wonderful life by continuing to do so.

Thanks Grandma - we miss you!