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At Boston Saw & Tool, we know that it takes the right tool to create a quality product.

We sell only the highest quality products – solid carbide router bits, carbide-tipped router bits, carbide tipped saw blades, band saw blades and other wood cutting tools – by such fine manufacturers as Whiteside Machine, Amana, Freud, Lenox, Morse and Dakin-Flathers among others.

We also offer sharpening and re-tipping services for your fine tools, and our state-of-the-art Akemat U-60 8-Axes CNC saw grinder and Utma LC35-NC4 tool and cutter grinder ensure precision edges for maximum equipment performance.

With a strong commitment to excellence and quality, Boston Saw & Tool can help your business sharpen its competitive edge!

Repair vs Replace

Most high quality wood cutting tools can be sharpened or re-tipped several times before the life of the tool is expired, saving money over the cost of replacement while still performing as good as new.  Our experienced staff can quickly assess your tooling (at no charge) and advise on which option is right for you. 

Call us today at 828.256.5005 and learn more!

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Custom Router Bits

Boston Saw & Tool carries an extensive variety of router bits. However, if you cannot find the router bit that is perfect for your current project, we can manufacture a custom router bit to your exact specifications.

If you are trying to match discontinued molding and trim in your architectural restorations and antique reproductions, or have custom fabrication needs - we can help!